Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Card Pictures... aaahhh!

We probably did 5 photo shoots before we finally got 'the one' for the card. I was really about to get stressed. Yesterday our digital camera even started making this grinding noise (not good) and shut off. George Robert had the screwdriver and was just about to take it apart, and he banged with his hand a couple of times, and it's been fine since! I was praying real hard that it would be ok! Here are a few of our pics we didn't choose. The one we chose is in yet another outfit!


Mitch and Cindy said...

I can see why it was so hard to choose. They are so cute!

Monique said...

Hello! MM is beautiful! I'm so glad that you are a blogger...I will show Shelby the pictures of Mary Martin. By the way, blogging is addictive!

Emily Witcher said...

She is precious Deidre! I would love to see her soon. Blogging is addictive but so much fun. I can't wait to put my little one all over ours instead of pics of Jay and me...boring!
Take care!