Monday, December 31, 2007

A Few More Christmas Highlights

Here is Mary Martin with Santa this year. I was the big talker who said, "She will do fine, I just know it. She'll go to anyone!" And we see how she proved me wrong!
Here is our Christmas card. It was by Inviting Company. I forgot to put return addresses on 95 of our 100 cards, so if you didn't receive one and you thought you would have, it is probably lost in mail-land. I addressed them in such a rush, I'm sure I made mistakes! My mom made this dress for Mary Martin's baby dedication. I just love it and was thrilled it still fit for the picture. I'm doing almost anything to avoid putting up Christmas decorations right now, as you may have guessed by my 86 posts in the past 2 days! :)

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Courtney said...

I loved your Christmas card. It was so cute! Don't you just love Inviting Company??!! Is that who your friend sells for or is it a different company? I don't know why or how I remember that! Mary Martin is always dressed so cute in her little smocked dresses! I love it!