Saturday, December 29, 2007

Over The River & Through The Woods

After we had breakfast and opened gifts at the Booker's Christmas morning, we drove to my mom's in Monroeville. We made it there by lunch, to see my brother Scott and Tommy and my mom and dad. Here is George Robert opening a gift appropriately wrapped in John Deere paper. In case you didn't know, my husband has a small obsession with tractors. He says that's why he became a doctor-to support his tractor habit.
My parents got him a t-shirt quilt made from his old fraternity t-shirts. He loved it. I think he wants it to be our new bedspread :0
That evening we drove 30 minutes to my aunt's house to have Christmas with my Granny and my mom's brothers and sisters. This is MM with my cousin's little boy John Adams, they were supposed to be born within a couple of days of each other, but MM made an early appearance.

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Mitch and Cindy said...

Okay...MM and John Adams look just alike.