Monday, January 21, 2008

Lots of "firsts" in 2008

Here is MM in her very 1st pair of blue jeans. She had to have them to go with this precious sweater that her Uncle Scott got her in Madrid, Spain. She looks adorable if I do say so myself...
This was January 16th after school. Mrs. Tameka fixed her hair at school that day. Her first ponytail! How cute.
Here we are on MLK day at the parade in Monroeville, AL (my hometown). The parade is on the town square where my mom's shop is, so we just stepped outside to watch the bands- MM's first parade. Notice the courthouse behind us- it is the "old courthouse" where To Kill A Mockingbird was filmed!
Here she is with her first moonpie! She liked it, too. If you are not one of the grandparents you are probably falling asleep by now. It's hard to see but she also has on a strand of Mardi Gras beads and a little crown on her head--all things we caught at the parade.


Mitch and Cindy said...

I love the crown!

The Crawfords said...

I can't believe she has enough hair for a ponytail! And she does look adorable in blue jeans! Cute! Cute!