Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had the best day. Mary Martin got lots of valentines from her party at school, and her sweet grandparents sent her some really cute things, too. George Robert & Mary Martin sent me some gorgeous flowers to school- full of some my favorite flowers like bright red gerbera daisies, bells of Ireland, and protea. It was really a surprise. Then we went out for our 4th annual Mexican Valentine's Dinner. Yes, that's every Valentine's Day we've known each other! We met on Feb. 1st, so on the 14th, he wasn't sure I wanted to be his "valentine" so he hadn't made reservations. But by the time we discussed it, all the restaurants were booked, so we went to Dos Amigos in Forest Park. I was so goo-goo for him, he could have taken me to Wendy's and told me to order off the extra-value menu and I still would've called him a prince. Now, we have our little crayon-eater to make the dinner even more fun. :)

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