Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Again, my photos are mixed up, but I think my 4 or 5 readers are bright enough to put the pieces together! We hid some Easter eggs for MM, she was not into it!
It looks like she's excited about her basket, but she's really excited over that bracelet she nabbed out of my mom's jewelry box.
We got a talking Elmo and a new Elmo ("Ba-bo") video, since after the trip to the beach mommy and daddy can recite both of the old ones! The bunny also brought some bubbles, and an outfit and a soft fluffy bunny.
We didn't get a great family photo all dressed up because nap time is 11, and we got home at 12:30. She was SO over picture time!
Getting ready for the big egg hunt.. that's my mom, aka Dede
"Dede, why'd you put me down? Pick me back up!" Also, don't you just love those legs? Nothing about them says "i was a 2 pounder."

You know that old hymn "Up from the grave He arose?" Well, for the first time in 29 years, my church in AL did not sing it today! I was a little disappointed, but as I hum it to myself right now I am filled with joy that we DO serve a RISEN SAVIOR! Happy Easter friends!


Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

so funny! i love all those pictures, and guess what?!?? we DID sing that song at my church this morning (the one i grew up in!) when i read this, i laughed out loud:) happy easter to your beautiful family!

Courtney said...

Such a little cutie! I love those chubby legs and I am SOOOOO jealous it is warm enough there to wear sleeveless :) Glad you guys had a happy easter!