Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Break

My photos never end up in the right order.. but here we are at the beach. MM didn't like the sand at all! She wanted to be held the whole time! It was also very windy, not very enjoyable for any of us, so we only stayed about 15 minutes!
Daddy walked around with me to keep me entertained while Mommy tried to lay out
Here we are back at the house, much less windy. Is she not precious in her swimsuit!?!?
Oh, look! A chair I can climb in and out of! We had fun, we got to see some friends who live in Baldwin County and eat lots of good food. We took Mary Martin to a 'nice' restaurant one night, GR called her the "ticking-time bomb" she did pretty good though.
JuJu made this adorable (and yummy) sunflower cake for us when we went to the farm.
Mary Martin had big fun on the tractor with Daddy!
I know George Robert was thrilled that she loves tractors just like he does!
Our first day at the beach.. notice she's all bundled up. It wasn't cold, just very windy!
She had the best time with both of us there and we needed a little fam-time just the 4 of us. Yes, Gus got to go, too.

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