Saturday, June 28, 2008

more rocky top

My brother works for Southern Living, and was in Chattanooga for a shoot, but I thought he'd left already. He didn't know I was there at all... George Robert was taking some of our bags down, and he ran into my brother on the street! Starbucks was in the lobby of our hotel- go figure--Where there's a Starbucks, there's a Scott Martin. So he came up to our room to surprise me. It was a very good surprise!!
I took Mary Martin to the Hands-On Museum in Johnson City. It is very cute. They had a little "bank" and MM got to pretend to be a teller. She wasn't nearly as intersted in the computer and phone once she realized they weren't functional.

She has a lamb (Lammy) and 3 Little Giraffe blankets that she sleeps with. The past week or so, when she gets sleepy, she starts gathering up all her "stuff" and heading for her room. It is hilarious. Especially since it's so much that she keeps dropping it and having to bend down and gather it all back up. Of course we step in to help after we've had a few laughs. We call her 'the gypsy' since she has to take all her belongings with her everywhere.
We went to Bristol, TN to see the Bristol Motor Speedway where several NASCAR races are held. Most of you know that GR is a big NASCAR fan. Here we are in the "high roller" suite. We were touring the track in a big passenger van. MM is NOT in a carseat of course.. and all is good until we start speeding around this track at 60 mph or more. It's "banked" in the corners making it very steep, so you feel like you're gonna tip over. The tour guide says,"See when we stop you really feel like you're gonna roll over, right?" And I, being in the window seat on the unfortunate side of said rollover, said, "I don't like this!!!" I meant to say it just to GR but I think I said it to everybody. :) So we promptly started rolling again. But it was fun!


stephinbham said...

Hi, Deidre, I'm a total blog stalker. I work with your brother some, and he gave me your blog address so he could show off his beautiful niece! And, I agree, I can always find Scott at a Starbucks :)


Hollie Schofield said...

Fun times in that I have a ride, well almost, i want to come for a visit!! :)
Miss you,

Courtney said...

Hey - send me an email with your cell and we can get together!!!

Courtney said...

It would help if I gave you my :)

Jack, Missy, Holden & Wilson said...

i was so surprised when i saw the update! we miss you! i can't believe how much mary martin has changed! she looks like such a big girl! can't wait for y'all to get home and tell us all about it!! lots of love!! :)Missy