Monday, July 28, 2008

big girl

Missy and Holden came to visit and have dinner last night since both of our hubbies were not at home. Mary Martin decided she does like Holden now, and wanted to kiss him 100 times.
Today, *Jonie our housekeeper came, so we went to the school to get out of her way. Mary Martin had so much fun in my classroom. She played with every marker and pencil on my desk, pulled off a yard or so of my tape and so kindly emptied out the contents of my top drawer. We had big fun.
*if you live in this area and are looking for someone to clean your house, Jonie has an opening. Email me or comment if you are interested. She's very trustworthy and dependable.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

ha-ha's house

on the way back from johnson city, we stopped in birmingham to break up the 8.5 hour trip. we stayed with my bff and former roommate, hollie. she has an airedale terrier named janie who mary martin just LOVED. she squealed so loud when she saw janie standing outside, and when she saw that we were driving closer to her she clapped and squealed even more. they were big buddies. mary martin also decided to crawl in hollie's dishwasher. we had such a fun visit with them, and can't wait to see them again soon!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

easy, breezy, beautiful, cover girl?

this was a couple of weeks ago, still in johnson city, and i debated whether or not to post these. didn't want anyone to think i wasn't supervising my toddler, but even mommies have to potty! so she seized the 30 second opportunity to grab my mascara and take off. it took her less than a minute to do this damage! *note* she is not crying because she is hurt, she is crying because i confiscated her ill-gotten l'oreal double extend. i should have taken the pictures first! i do think it's pretty hilarious that she knew what to do with it. (see, she did get a little on her eyelashes!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

water bugs

we went to a little class called "water bugs" in johnson city. we learned about water safety, like how to get out of the pool and how to blow bubbles. the teacher brought a huge bag of toys for them to play with (like for us to get them to jump in or climb out). this big red ball was the toy the teacher used for a few games, and my little water bug was so obsessed with the ball, she couldn't practice kicking, bubbles, or anything! she just kept yelling, "BALL!" so it was just known that the kid with the big pink bow had dibs on the ball.

Home Sweet Home

Here are a few more pictures of our summer in Tennessee... you can click on the collage to see the pictures better. We are so happy to be home. Mary Martin pulled out every one of her toys when she got home. A friend of ours checked on our house while we were gone, and she said, "It's too clean without you here!" Well, just take a peek at it now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

asheville, nc

We went to the Biltmore House. It was very neat. Lots of stairs...all of which bebe insisted on going up and down herself.
She actually behaved VERY well. We were so proud of her!

Whew. That was a long day!
We have lots more cute pictures, but we have dial-up at our condo here, and it takes about an hour to upload photos. So when I get home I'll post some more.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

i love this girl.

enjoying a lollipop.
backyard photo shoot.
takin' it to the streets.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We didn't do too much, we did go to Jonesborough for a little festival, but we didn't take any pics there. Then we grilled out at our "house" and followed Mary Martin around while she played outside! She loves the pond and stream here. There's a giant turtle and a mother duck with her 6 babies, so we go watch them a lot.

Friday, July 4, 2008

they're baaack..

the 80's that is. we've seen 80's inspired fashion popping up here and there, but these babies are just plain 80's! and they can be your's for only $85 from nordstrom. yes, orange high top reeboks... for 85 bucks. i guess all that's left is to cut some bangs, laquer 'em down with some RAVE and go listen to my cassette single of tesla's love song.