Monday, July 28, 2008

big girl

Missy and Holden came to visit and have dinner last night since both of our hubbies were not at home. Mary Martin decided she does like Holden now, and wanted to kiss him 100 times.
Today, *Jonie our housekeeper came, so we went to the school to get out of her way. Mary Martin had so much fun in my classroom. She played with every marker and pencil on my desk, pulled off a yard or so of my tape and so kindly emptied out the contents of my top drawer. We had big fun.
*if you live in this area and are looking for someone to clean your house, Jonie has an opening. Email me or comment if you are interested. She's very trustworthy and dependable.


The Marks Family said...

Mary Martin is so cute!! The mascara post really cracked me up. I am looking for someone to come and clean once or twice a month. I live out in Madison though. Will you give me her number?? Thanks.

the Sandbergs said...

she is such a cutie! i can't get over how big she is getting!!

the Holloways said...

ADORABLE! MM is just precious. enjoyed checkin yall out, keep visiting us too. See you in a couple of wks. at JL kick off dinner!

Hollie said...

#1. you can't hurt a sha...
2. didn't want folks to think we fed AG live fish for dinner
3. i emailed you about the beach... i didn't hear back, so i figured you couldn't go b/c school just started! :)there is ALWAYS the next quarterly meeting... we're looking for a secretary!!

Crystal Peeples said...

i have loved looking at your blog!! mary martin is so precious and i'm excited you're having a boy!!!! congrats!! i would also like to talk to you about your house keeper since you said she has an opening! i am looking and listening out for one. please email me some info. about her at
i would love to hear about her. thanks for letting us know she has an opening!! hope to see you soon. :)