Sunday, August 31, 2008

the big 3-1

friday the 29th was my 31st birthday. it was great! thanks to anelyse, christina and the other sweet girls i work with for the chocolate donut & diet coke party... and jack and missy for going to tico's with us for dinner. getting older doesn't really bother me...because if being 31 means i get that funny little bow-head sticking her fingers in my birthday cake and the handsome fellow taking the pictures, then i'll take 31 over 21 ANY day.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

new rides

well first just a snapshot of mary martin after raiding the bottom drawer of my jewelry box...and making her "cheese face"....yes, we're still on that.
she has been fascinated with "gu-goos" aka bicycles for a few months now. and i kind of forgot about our bicycle we got last year because she was still too small for it. so we got it out this week, and she LOVES it. we cruise around the block every afternoon.

George Robert and Mary Martin posing in front of the other new ride...the pick up truck. We all love it, and we're still so thankful that he is ok!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the wreckage

this is not even the side of the car that got hit. i didn't even think to photograph it from the opposite side. now i know why he kept saying "don't worry, im fine." he knew someone was coming to get me and was trying to prepare me. isn't it amazing that he is okay? It brings to mind Psalms 121: 8 The Lord watches over your coming and going. Isn't that the truth!?!? George Robert's statement for the blog is this: Wear your seatbelt.

This Sunday's Lesson Is...

Life is precious. My sweet husband was driving from the hospital to church to meet us when a car "t-boned" him at the intersection of State St. and High St. His Yukon flipped at least 2 times he said, and landed upside-down near the sidewalk facing the opposite direction. My phone was on vibrate from Sunday School and I felt it, thank the Lord when I picked my purse up. I called him back expecting to hear, "Rounds are taking longer and I won't make it to church." But he said, "I had a wreck, but I'm ok." He kept saying I don't want you to that MADE me worry! He was right at the end of the block from our church, so I ran (in heels) up there and was amazed at what I saw. He was standing there but he was pretty shaken up. He crawled out of the back window and escaped with minor scrapes. He had glass in his fingers and leg, which he insisted on removing himself. At one point I saw him kneeling down checking out the other guy's knee! Since the accident was basically in front of the church, many people we know and didn't know stopped to help us-and we are so THANKFUL! We went to the er to x-ray the hand, and it was ok. Please pray there won't be further complications. They usually do a chest x-ray, blood pressure check and some other test for the head, but he wouldn't do any of those! Most people don't walk away from accidents like that, and I am just so grateful. Words cannot express how thankful we are to God that His hand was on George Robert. The Lord has brought to my mind this verse all day- God is good and everything He does is good. Ps. 119:68. I took a picture with my camera phone, if i can figure out how to get it out of there, i'll post it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

not necessarily news...

mary martin finally decided she likes m&m's. wouldn't it have been a waste of initials if mm didn't like m&m's?! crisis averted. btw: that's an elmo juice box all down the front of her outfit.

here we are off to combine some corn. she was determined to climb up there with or without me, so i thought i better supervise. she loves "da-toos" but until last weekend she never wanted to get in one, so papa better get ready, he's gonna be takin' this little girl on quite a few rides!
"Gimme the keys, I'll drive!"
this is mm's new "cheese face" she does anytime the camera comes out. she squints her right eye
close-up of cheese face. or should i say m&m face.
I also found a solution to our pen problem! I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Mary Martin is crazy about all manner of pens: sharpies, crayons, you name it. We try to take the ink/writing part out, and she is usually satisfied to walk around with that. But today in Target, I saw a tiny etch-a-sketch! She LOVES it. She wanted to sleep with it but I was afraid she'd strangle herself with the little magic pen on a string. I know, probably only a temporary solution, but i can always hope!