Saturday, August 30, 2008

new rides

well first just a snapshot of mary martin after raiding the bottom drawer of my jewelry box...and making her "cheese face"....yes, we're still on that.
she has been fascinated with "gu-goos" aka bicycles for a few months now. and i kind of forgot about our bicycle we got last year because she was still too small for it. so we got it out this week, and she LOVES it. we cruise around the block every afternoon.

George Robert and Mary Martin posing in front of the other new ride...the pick up truck. We all love it, and we're still so thankful that he is ok!

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Courtney said...

She is a girl after your own heart, huh! Love that jewelry! I mean look at you in your cute earrings going for a ride around the block! Haha! I am so glad George Robert is okay too. That wreck looked awful! Nice new wheels G.R.!