Saturday, August 16, 2008

not necessarily news...

mary martin finally decided she likes m&m's. wouldn't it have been a waste of initials if mm didn't like m&m's?! crisis averted. btw: that's an elmo juice box all down the front of her outfit.

here we are off to combine some corn. she was determined to climb up there with or without me, so i thought i better supervise. she loves "da-toos" but until last weekend she never wanted to get in one, so papa better get ready, he's gonna be takin' this little girl on quite a few rides!
"Gimme the keys, I'll drive!"
this is mm's new "cheese face" she does anytime the camera comes out. she squints her right eye
close-up of cheese face. or should i say m&m face.
I also found a solution to our pen problem! I don't know if I've mentioned it, but Mary Martin is crazy about all manner of pens: sharpies, crayons, you name it. We try to take the ink/writing part out, and she is usually satisfied to walk around with that. But today in Target, I saw a tiny etch-a-sketch! She LOVES it. She wanted to sleep with it but I was afraid she'd strangle herself with the little magic pen on a string. I know, probably only a temporary solution, but i can always hope!

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