Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Elmo Bash...

We had Mary Martin's party at Pump It Up with just few of her little pals and lots of her "grown-up" her grandparents and Hollie, and Mimi (Missy) & Jack. Plus some of my sweet friends from school! We tried to do "Elmo-chic"...Address to Impress did the invitations and treat toppers (click the collage to see it bigger) and Dream Cakes did the cake. It was beautiful and yummy! Mary Martin had a BALL jumping and going down the big slide. She loved trying to do what the bigger kids did. She still doesn't quite get the whole present thing... the first thing she opened was a baby doll bottle and and she got so excited! But then that was it...she just walked off with her doll bottle and left ME to ooh and aahhh over all her neat stuff.... which she is still having the best time with. Thanks to EVERYONE who shared our special time! We loved it and we love all of you!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Bebe!

Friday was Mary Martin's 2nd Birthday! We wanted to take her somewhere so they could sing to her and make a big fuss, so we went to Margarita's. She wasn't too sure about the singing and cool whip on her nose, and the giant sombrero was a definite NO, but other than that we had a big time. Below you will see why I thank God every day with a debt of gratitude words cannot express. This was our baby girl September 19th, 2006. At 2 pounds, with wires and monitors covering almost her whole face, I still thought she was beautiful..... Cut to September 19th, 2008...we made Elmo cupcakes to take to her school, and she is just a walking, breathing miracle...a perfectly healthy little girl who loves Elmo, outside, Cheetos, dolls and dogs. Little did we know that God had BIG plans for this LITTLE girl. oh the joy.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

grandparents' day

Mary Martin with JuJu (left, George Robert's mom, and Dede (right, my mom) mm & juju
mm after church
Grandparents' day was September 7, and JuJu and Dede BOTH came almost 4 hours to have muffins and punch with Mary Martin at her 'school' so she wouldn't be the only one without a grandparent there. Turns out she was one of the only ones WITH a grandparent there...but they all had a wonderful time. And MM really did feel special having them here. It was like she knew they had come just to see her. The gradfathers both had important work things and couldn't come, but we all know how they feel about her. be so loved.