Thursday, September 18, 2008

grandparents' day

Mary Martin with JuJu (left, George Robert's mom, and Dede (right, my mom) mm & juju
mm after church
Grandparents' day was September 7, and JuJu and Dede BOTH came almost 4 hours to have muffins and punch with Mary Martin at her 'school' so she wouldn't be the only one without a grandparent there. Turns out she was one of the only ones WITH a grandparent there...but they all had a wonderful time. And MM really did feel special having them here. It was like she knew they had come just to see her. The gradfathers both had important work things and couldn't come, but we all know how they feel about her. be so loved.


Hollie said...

she looks so happy to see them!! just a doll that girl is!!!
love yall. haha

Blaire said...

So sweet! She looks so pretty is her church clothes!

Claire said...

Oh Dot! I miss Dot!!!