Wednesday, October 8, 2008


we went to the fair on sunday. mary martin rode the carousel and we got a chicken-on-a-stick, a funnel cake (both so yummy) and 2 icees...that was all for this year. maybe more rides next year.

she FINALLY started trying to wear my shoes! i knew this day would come. she tried on at least 4 pairs until she found just the right one. yes, she has pacifiers stashed all over the house. there's no way to take them all, she just finds a new (old) one.
hangin out with my daddy...and my doll.
here is mm modeling her dress that uncle scott brought her from nyc. (and the t-shirt above) notice the cheeto stains on the beautiful dress and face. AND the elmo barrette. hehe.


Hollie and Janie said...

i think she looks like fab in those heels!! ha-ha will have to introduce her to the flat b/c we both no there aren't any to be had in your closet!!! love yall and thank you!

Kea, Lee, and Kylie said...

adorable! love the pic of mm in the heels!

Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

great taste in heels MM!!!=)

you are getting more and more beautiful!

Claire said...

Please tell Uncle Scott I said Hello. :)

And Cole did the same thing with his pappies. Until we bought him the Mater riding in the Fancy Helicopter toy, and bartered the pappy for it. ;)