Thursday, December 4, 2008

happy thanksgiving

George Robert's Nana, mm, Papa, JuJu, and GR

"whew, what a day. we're stuffed."
A Thanksgiving post ...Just in time for Christmas! George Robert had to work on Thanksgiving morning, so the Bookers came to our house. We had the best time and Mary Martin loved having them at her house. We have so much to be thankful for. I got a little email forward and it was about a man touring all the "busy departments" of Heaven. He saw all the angels feverishly working and then they came to a room where two angels were just sitting around. He asked why this area was so slow and unbusy. The tour-guide answered, "This is the acknowledgements department. We get SO many requests in the Prayers Department, but we hardly ever get any acknowledgements back." A little simple (and corny) ,but sometimes simple is just what I need. I feel thankful every day, but how often to I fail to tell God how thankful I am? Too often, but getting better.


Hollie and Janie said...

Her turk turk dress is so cute! is that the one with the candy kern on the other side???
I am thankful for you!!!!
Love. Miss.

Ashley said...

hey girl! i just wanted to let you know that i didn't reject your comment on my blog. i read it and pushed publish (or so i thought?) and it did not show up. maybe it will in a little while. anyway, i will be glad to hook you up with babywearing info any time! hopefully i will see you at orthowives soon!

T-Town Millers said...

Hey Bookers! I felt hi-tech until I saw your blog!!! It is so cute!kelley and I cannot believe how big Mary Martin is! She is precious! GR-Kelley is excited about the rodeo! We hope to talk with you soon! Will yall be at the hunting camp any over Christmas? If yes, we need to get together! Laura and Kelley

Roxanne said...

How are you doing? Love seeing pics of MM--she is soo cute! I really enjoy looking at your blog!