Saturday, May 31, 2008

more fun..

so we went to fresh market, and mary martin grabbed a chocolate ladybug off the shelf. i thought she would just hold it.. she ate every bit of it, and it was not small!
we met two of my teacher-friends and their little girls at the park. mm was fascinated with jordyn and frances claire (they're 2 and 1/2!). she tried to do everything they did, it was cute. she was equally fascinated with the ducks. she walked up to them so carefully and said, "quack-quack"
i was on the phone thursday morning and i looked over and started laughing. she's looking at me like: what's so funny? she had walked into the closet and gotten 2 different shoes to put on and was just standing there looking out the window. i'm learning with a toddler you need to keep the camera in the room with you at all times.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


This was a couple of weeks ago at the farm. We went with JuJu to pick some peas and dig some potatoes from the garden. I say's about the size of a football field! She loves the farm, i think mostly because there are 4 adults to take her outside and 3 puppies to play with- GuGu, Dake and Sassy. For those who do not know these pets or speak Mary Martin, that's Gus, Drake, and Sally.


Here is my little gardener "watering the flowers." I use that term loosely because she will pour water on anything.. the sidewalk, the pine straw, herself.. And the crocs are her current shoe favorite. I broke down and got her some waterproof footwear after i realized she was GOING to step in her baby pool every time she went out the back door. In the top two pics where it looks like she's flapping her arms, she's saying, "rain-rain" because it started to sprinkle. We are certainly enjoying our summer so far! Lots of owzide and playing!
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The girl loves shoes...

*notice our doormat... yes, the one that says, "NOOF." it used to way WOOF until a certain 4-legged family member ate a fourth of the W.

Well we have already established that Mary Martin loves shoes of all kinds. She'll bring you the ones she wants to wear and say 'shoe' and stick her foot out for you. I'd been looking everywhere for a pair of red sandals for her, and I finally found some at Helen's. They are a little too big, but she thinks they're fabulous. She doesn't walk in them, she struts.

This is from today. It's been sprinkling on and off all day. We got home and she kept saying "owzide," so I opened the door to show her it was raining, and she ran as fast as her stumps would carry her... right to the mudhole. There she stayed (whilst still wearing our new red shoes) at least 10 minutes going, "ray-ray!" (rain-rain) I thought, "This is a Kodak moment" and "She's gonna ruin those new shoes" almost simultaneously. But fun-mom prevailed over practical mom and I ran for the camera THEN took off the shoes. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

she's a hoot

I had to post something new because I have an avid, daily reader. (hey daddy) We got out mm's pool sunday afternoon, and she was crazy about it. if i had let the water warm up a bit more, i think she might have stayed in there all night!

tuesday- George Robert has been on call and is napping on the sofa. i didn't think he was asleep because chatty cathy was talking up a storm in the living room. (i'm cooking) so i step in there and she is leaned back on the couch with his cell phone open, up to her ear, talking away. of course she stopped when i got the camera out.

"mom, i'm not gonna do it again just for the 'photo-op'
'i wonder if daddy's phone will fit in this watering can?' notice we are still way into wearing our boots.