Sunday, November 2, 2008

Guess What!

"Hey, Gu-Gu! Guess what! We're getting a baby bwudder!!" or sister, but I asked her which she wanted and she said baby bwudder. So coming late May 2009...Baby Booker #2! Notice our new baby ticker on the right. We will find out for sure brother or sister in mid-December. Either way, we just pray for a healthy TERM baby with no pre-eclampsia or HELLP syndrome. And we appreciate all of your prayers as well. So far I am not having the complications I did the first time..which began at 5 weeks. Can I just give God a little shout out one more time? Mary Martin is a miracle! Thank you!!! Thank you for keeping Your Hand on her and bringing her home safely to us. She is just joy personified....a blessing to our whole family. If Baby #2 is half the blessing (which I'm sure he/she will be) then our cup will surely runneth over.
Sidenote: In case you are wondering why in the world I have pink Uggs....let me just say they were on MAJOR sale because no one else wanted them. :) But they have not been seen on my feet in public and they are THE most comfy house slippers ever. Plus 4 years ago I thought, "hmm, one day I bet I'll have a little girl and she'll LOVE playing in these pink boots."

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This little piggy...

did not like her costume! This little piggy did NOT want to go trick-or-treating! Until we met up with Cailin, Riley and Ryan (our friends and neighbors) down the street. She was so unsure at the first house (I walked up with her) but then she watched the other kids and by the 3rd house she had it down, then she strutted up there all by herself. The pig hat was a definite NO and the hooves didn't last much longer. But all said and done she had a great time and we did too. She got lots of "canny" which she won't even eat, but is for some reason so excited about. And she looked hilarious walking in the pig suit with the padding, she looked like George Jefferson. you can click the collage to see it bigger. :)