Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a barbie bike and a pink ba-tar

when we look back at this Christmas, that will be the phrase we remember first. mary martin decided early in the fall those were the things she wanted from santa and she was committed. she never waivered on her list, so santa did manage to find both a barbie bike AND a pink ba-tar. santa's mom found the tiny bike at the brentwood, tn toys-r-us and his aunt picked it up. sometimes santa needs a little help from his fam :) santa also utilized 'google images' to find mm the perfect tiny pink ba-tar. this Christmas was also the 1st one mary martin realized who Christmas is really for. she knew that we were celebrating Jesus and that makes my heart so happy. this was also our 1st Christmas with sweet baby william! he was just a complete joy and had so much fun meeting relatives and giving sugar to everyone.

here we are at my sweet granny's house with the 1st cousins who were there. there are 5 cousins missing! i always love seeing them. and you can imagine how happy granny is to have everyone under one roof.

here's a collage of Christmas morning. mm and ww must have been really good this year.

a few shots before Christmas...cookies we made for mm's party, and enjoying the party. then william with shug. w loves to hold your face and give you big kisses. i hope he never stops.

checking out the stocking...

she loves her barbie bike and pink ba-tar

william and juju

3 generations of bookers.

somehow this is the only picture we got with my parents and brother. we were already tired from our whirlwind Christmas i guess. we realized it was much harder to take pictures with 2 children because we were both helping them open gifts, and that left no one to take pictures. we had a great time with both families and love all of our gifts and surprises :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

city of lights

we went to canton a.k.a. the city of lights to walk around the square and look at all of the decorations. they had horse and buggy rides, a carousel and this cute little antique car ride that mm just loved. the square reminds me a lot of monroeville except it is not "one way traffic" ...which really threw me for a loop when cars were coming both ways. we had lots of fun and all my kids were sweet and had fun.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

winter wonderland

mary martin woke up to snow saturday morning! she didn't really like was very cold out. but we did make a little 6 inch tall snowman and we also found our elves, cookie and fletcher playing outside in the snow!

then on sunday we went to ballet mississippi's nutcraker and pre-show tea party where we met clara and some of her friends. she was mesmerized by the ballerinas and we had such a sweet little day.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the most wonderful time of the year

william: look daddy! i'm helping!
daddy: mmm...not so much. i have to keep climbing down off the ladder to move you. :)

these are my 2 most precious and priceless Christmas ornaments. mary martin's was done when she was 7 weeks old. she was SO tiny and weighed right at 4 pounds that day. she had been home for a few days and i went to sweet dreams to get her some more pretty preemie clothes and the lady who does the prints happened to be there. and william's was done when he was 11 days old and a jolly old 8.5 pounds :)

these are my stockings that my mom started making and had her friend finish...i saw some similar but they were $120 EACH, so we made our own. i had all 4 of our monograms put on and i love the way they turned out. now, scott, i know you are wincing at my faux garland full of glittery goodness, but don't fret, you are in charge of my Christmas decorating next year! ;)

yes, the booker-grizwolds have 4 trees this year. the dog tree is now in budders' room as it goes with his puppy decor, and b has a pink princess tree with the madame alexander ornaments and other princessy trinkets, and the kitchen is back to the auburn tree. i was going to tone down my decorating this year because we have long since outgrown our house and there just doesn't seem to be room for anything extra, but b is SOOOO wide-eyed and awestruck with all things Christmas that i just couldn't skimp. and she loves every last little thing, so it was worth it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

happy thanksgiving

...a picture of what i'm most thankful for. and yes, this picture is so staged.
now that budders is mobile, he gets himself into some conundrums

sweet face

hey dede, i want some! he did get some butter beans :)

mary martin was SO excited when she walked in and saw the table set with the turkey and candles...she said, "look mommy! it's thanksgiving!" and she gets excited about every Christmas light, wreath and santa she sees...i think this Christmas is going to be our most fun yet.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

sweet feast

yummy oreo turkeys that mary martin and i made.

a sampling of the fun. click to enlarge

this little indian loves a party

this is mm's teacher, mrs. heather. she is so sweet and so good with these little ones.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

...the fun begins


i hear so many friends and fellow bloggers talk about how sweet the big brother or sister is to the new baby. that is not so much the case here. i was hoping to get a sweet picture of them playing but she was being such a monster drama queen that i had to get it on video.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

happy birthday honey

george robert doesn't like cake so we made him some chocolate and peanut butter pretzels. mm wondered why we didn't sing to him, so we put a candle on there and sang to him. :)


mary martin made this for her daddy yesterday since he leaves for work before she wakes up. we think it really made his birthday happy. (as happy as it can be at 6:09 a.m.) she is dressed up like "abbastasia" (cinderella's step-sister anastasia; don't ask me why she wouldn't want to be cinderella) anyway...we wish our husband and daddy a very happy birthday, health, happiness and every good thing there is. he is good man...doing the right thing always comes easy for him, i really couldn't say enough about him. we love you to the moon and back!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


here are a few of mm at her halloween party at school
here is little bo peep's sheep

little sheep tuckered out

Monday, October 19, 2009

all about me!

hi friends, it's william. first of all, i helped mary martin and mommy make these adorable scarecrow cupcakes for mm's school last week. i thought someone would offer me a little piece of candy or icing, but no luck.

my mom is always calling me "poor william" and saying how i am so neglected on blog time. so i'm just here to set the record straight. she does love me, and she does take up lots of time with me (especially while screamin' mimi is at school). my daddy does, too. everyone actually is quite fond of me. and just because i'm not ridin' rides and bakin' cookies or being hospitalized, doesn't mean i don't get attention. frankly i'm just biding my know, bein' low maintenance, and sweet for now, so when i'm about 2 i can hit 'em with the big know, have them saying things like, "he is ALL boy" and calling me things like "buster" and "bull in the china shop." i plan to make that lipstick stunt up there look like a cakewalk. so here are a few pictures of mom says i am so cute now. NOW? i'll have to ask her about that... but i'm definitely a sweetie...everyone also agrees on that.