Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy st. patrick's day!

sweet mary martin didn't get pinched yesterday!
funny story. back in the fall mary martin's class learned the color blue and mrs. jean asked us to send a blue snack. mrs. jean also coined a nickname for mary martin early on..."Tinkerbell" So we found BLUE TINKERBELL cupcakes. How perfect, right? she absolutely loved her little tinkerbell ring, until about 2 weeks ago when it broke. she asked for it almost every day and her daddy and i finally said (after she conjured up some real tears) that we MUST find another one. so i went to wal-mart and asked if they still had the tinkerbell rings. but you guessed it, i had to buy a dozen cupcakes to get one. so now she has 12. naturally i dropped them coming in the door that's why they look so disheveled.


Hollie and Janie said...

such a cute little irish love!! spinach..cupcakes.. we can't tote nothin' in the house without droppin' it!!

Ashley said...

i hate a front-door food/drink drop! especially when you juggle it for about 5 minutes and almost save it before it bites the dust! so frustrating!

you get the super-mom award for finding a way to get more blue tinkerbells! what a feat!

Richardzmom said...

Hi - I'm a friend of the Beckwiths and was getting layout ideas from other blogs and ran across yours' - the pic issue - I've had this have to upload them in the opposite order you want...whatever you want to be the last pic you do first and so on...does that make sense? Michelle