Sunday, March 1, 2009

some news...

this is mary martin's favorite dress for 2 reasons: first it has dogs on it, and second it has "puppy dots." (polka dots). she wore it to church today. when we went in, there was snow on the ground, and when we came out, it was all gone!

eating some noodles... (noonals as she says) one of her favorite foods.

trying to pet gus.. he let her for about 2 seconds.

one of my students gave me one of the giant hershey kisses, and someone found it! i tried to break off a little piece, but no ma'am...had to have the whole thing.

in other baby news, i started my maternity leave friday. my doctor just thought it would be best given my history and the swelling i'm already having. mary martin will still go to school since she loves it and because i wouldn't technically be resting at all if she were here all day. but she will NOT be getting there at 6:45 anymore! bless her little heart, she's gonna get to sleep in a little bit and come home earlier. i've had some requests for a belly pic of me, and i hate to be this way, but i really don't want a camera anywhere near me unless i'm holding it. :) a picture is worth a thousand words, but i can sum it up in 2, i'm huge. so just take my word for it!!


Ashley said...

i am sure you look gorgeous as usual! i can't wait to see you, it's been a few months, i think!

love the pics of mm. she is a doll!

Hollie and Janie said...

MM is such a cutie pie! I happen to know for a fact that you look quite beautiful preggers!!!
Love you!

Charles, Allison and Elsie Boo said...

You are too hard on yourself. I have no doubt you look great, as usual. Please tell me you have a few pics of yourself pregnant with WW... Even if you don't share them, at least take a few for memories! I hope you're feeling okay... May is right around the corner!

Ashley said...

you are right! as of the first week, trauma is not bad at all! i guess those poor 1 and 2 guys are doing all the work!!! i feel so sorry for them!