Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

mary martin (or mini-mottin as she calls herself) had a great Easter. she loved her basket and all the "chockit"...she especially loves her mika-pone (microphone) so she can sing like "annie" from little einsteins. she says its sooo cute and spark-a-dee (sparkly). the bunny didn't bring too many toys because the bunny knows we are running out of room in this house. it literally can't hold anything else. to that end, sweet william can't have any toys until we move to birmingham. :) luckily he'll only be 1 when that happens, so will he really even know?
i found these baskets and loved them, so i decided i better go ahead and get william one in case we didn't find them again next year. so the bunny filled his with useful things, including my favorite..a little blue doggie canvas!

i really wanted some pretty pictures of mary martin in her gorgeous dress. but naturally, she would not stand still. this is actually her dress from last year that juju gave her. but my mom added a row of puffing and lace to make it longer. and i think it makes it even prettier.

waiting on mommy to put me in the car. it broke mommy's heart to cram all my lace and ruffles into the carseat.

i sit myselp. she loves to sit on the doorstep..and she always says, "i sit myselp" when she does it. i think she must feel big sitting there by herself...but who knows. she's a hoot. monday when we got home, george robert was home and she started screaming "daddy home! daddy home!" and i said, yea! let's go see him, then she said her other favorite phrase. "daddy home....sooooo cute!" everything she likes is 'sooooo cute'
* we did sing my favorite Easter song at church this year! i was bummed last year when we didn't sing it...it made me homesick and nostalgic. but this year we got to sing "up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph o'er His foes....He arose, He arose, Hallaleujah Christ arose!"


Sassy Cass said...

First of all, that dress is gorgeous! Second, I love the MM lingo and that microphone is too fun. Ramsey is into so cute, too. Every time he gets dressed he says, "Mommy, do I look so cute?" He must get his need for affirmation from me.:) Third, I can't wait for yall to move to Birmingham. I'm very sad for all your Mississippi buds, but beyond excited for our kiddos to get to be a part of each other's lives like you and Wes. Hugs to y'all!

Sassy Cass said...

Oh D, I would be honored to be Aunt Cassie to all of your lil chillins! (Hopefully) It will be quite some time before my little sisters have babes of their own, so Ramsey totally needs cousins close to his age. And of course I'm looking forward to lots of fun times with you. I'm pretty sure The Summit will be calling our names!:)