Wednesday, May 27, 2009

happy birthday sweet william!

william whit booker
may 26, 2009
8 pounds 10 ounces
19 3/4 inches
7:45 a.m
proud daddy and big sister (she is actually not very proud of him right now...she doesn't really want anything at all to do with him. but we know she will come around.)'s okay if sister doesn't like you. your grandparents all sure do love you!

i am updating my blog from my new laptop! george robert surprised me with it this morning. everything went extremely well yesterday and i feel really good today. and william is just doing great! he is such a big boy...i am so surprised. i never thought he would weigh that much! mary martin did not hit the 8 pound mark until she was about 5 months old! but so far, in his first 36 hours, he is so sweet and good natured. this pregnancy and delivery from week one to week 39 was so different from the first one, and i know it is because of all our friends and family who were praying for us along the way. thank you all so much. i'm sure we'll have lots more pictures to share in the next few days.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

she's a regular genius!

kickin' back with the us weekly. she likes to read a little fluff here and there, then move on to more serious reading... see below.
this is what i found when i came into the living room saturday morning. yes, that's "handbook of fractures" and she had made it all the way to page 96. she was reading up on condylar fractures since they are far more common in pediatric aged patients than adults....funny, that's what her thumb was pointing to when i peeked. i have never seen that book before, i know it's her daddy's, but i have no idea where she found it. in other news, mary martin's baby brother should be here for sure on may 26th if he doesn't come on his own before then. don't worry, he won't. so it looks like our next blog post will be announcing baby brother! unless of course mary martin proves string theory or splits an atom in the meantime. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

my talented brother

my brother has been working for Southern Living for a while now and you'll often see his name on certain features, i.e. Styling by Scott Martin. but this is his first cover! we are so proud of him! he has such an eye for turning ordinary things into something beautiful. we can't wait to live closer so he can do that to my whole home and yard whenever he pleases. :) oh, and of course babysit, too. we love you!
*photography by Ralph Anderson

Monday, May 4, 2009

Some blog-time for Gus

here is mary martin riding about 25 feet in "daddy tuck" without a carseat. it was truly the highlight of her day.
we had gone out to the country to watch daddy and gus get their ribbons. gus passed his "hunt tests" and is now a senior hunter. (don't ask me what that means, i really don't know. i just know gus is my sweet puppy and personal vacuum cleaner, but i'm proud of him all the same)

apparently when a dog receives a "title" the "handler" gets a cooler of water dumped on his head. so we couldn't miss that! mary martin was not too sure about all that commotion, and she kept saying, "daddy all wet!" but we had fun sharing the excitement and we're proud of our "gu-gu-boy" that's what mm calls him. :)