Friday, July 10, 2009

6 weeks old

william is 6 weeks old now and continues to be such a sweet and good baby. we started some reflux medicine, but thankfully the reflux never made him fussy, i could just tell he was uncomfortable. and he is working on being a good sleeper. he has moved from the 55% in weight to the 83rd! this boy loves to eat! i wish i had zoomed this picture out because gus was curled up on the other side of the cute.

matching outfits...i'm sure i could go broke buying them. but i'm starting to realize there's not much point in matching outfits because i can't get a good picture of both of them!

4th of our red, white and blue. mary martin has a mouthful of biscuit and has accessorized her dress with wings, necklace and bracelet.

going from one to two has been an adjustment. but we are managing ok. the main thing is that mm and i are used to being on the go. we both LOVE an outing, no matter what it is. and it is just too hot to get baby william out too much, plus i just worry about mary martin getting away from me in a parking lot or something. we did go to the mall the other day, and we did quite nicely. i think (hope) when mm gets a little older i won't worry about her so much in those situations. i have decided to join a gym with my friend missy so that will be a safe outing for all of us and give mm a chance to play with 'someone else's toys' know that's always more fun!


Sassy Cass said...

They are just presh, D! I was showing fb pics to Wes last night. I feel for MM. I remember when my lil sisters were born. Really cramped my style when my mom and I couldn't be on the go, but not for long. It'll get easier!

Reed, Anna and Emily said...

William is getting so big and they are both adorable!!