Monday, October 19, 2009

all about me!

hi friends, it's william. first of all, i helped mary martin and mommy make these adorable scarecrow cupcakes for mm's school last week. i thought someone would offer me a little piece of candy or icing, but no luck.

my mom is always calling me "poor william" and saying how i am so neglected on blog time. so i'm just here to set the record straight. she does love me, and she does take up lots of time with me (especially while screamin' mimi is at school). my daddy does, too. everyone actually is quite fond of me. and just because i'm not ridin' rides and bakin' cookies or being hospitalized, doesn't mean i don't get attention. frankly i'm just biding my know, bein' low maintenance, and sweet for now, so when i'm about 2 i can hit 'em with the big know, have them saying things like, "he is ALL boy" and calling me things like "buster" and "bull in the china shop." i plan to make that lipstick stunt up there look like a cakewalk. so here are a few pictures of mom says i am so cute now. NOW? i'll have to ask her about that... but i'm definitely a sweetie...everyone also agrees on that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

more fair fun

here we are after making it through the house of mirrors....
someone wanted to go down the purple swide.

doink. someone did walk right into a mirror... in her defense, it was kinda tricky. luckily we had a 7 year old boy to follow. :)

riding the hot air 'baboons' with daddy

b riding the bee boat with mommy

after all this riding we got a funnel cake and made it out before the rain got too bad. we did dip into her college fund slightly...just kidding, but i didn't realize how expensive the fair is! luckily it's only once a year. here is budders enjoying the fair. he is so sweet and doesn't care where he is as long as he is with his mommy. he did wonder why no one offered him a bite of funnel cake though! ...just wait budders, next year you can ride and eat all you want!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

happy fall

we went with ju-ju to market day and the kitty cat fair in selma. mary martin had SO much fun. she rode cookie the pony first, and then several rides at the fair. she is usually such a scaredy-cat and she was terrified at first on the rides but ended up loving them. she calls it the kitty cat fair because last monday we saw a truck carrying one of the rides to the fair grounds. and i said, "look mary martin that's a kiddie ride going to the fair!" and later that day she said, "daddy! we saw a cadda-pidda on a tuck and it was goin' to the kitty cat fair!" so we are going to the mississippi state kitty cat fair if the weather will hold off. and i hope it does because it's all she can talk about!

Monday, October 12, 2009

shake your fox tail


mary martin takes "hip-hop jazz" at preschool and apparently one of their moves is "shake your fox tail"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

mm's ordeal

abcess in lymph node...noticed it on saturday, golf ball sized knot on her neck and running fever. tried to treat with antibiotics, didn't work, wednesday the ENT admitted us to batson for surgery. she was so pitiful...just crying and we could tell she felt terrible.

thursday morning after surgery playing in the hospital playroom with her daddy...feeling much better. she would only have to be hooked up to the IV pump twice a day for medicine. she also got some medicine for pain that day, bless her little heart...

headed home friday! we were all SOO happy!

we bought sugar cookie ingredients the week before, but she never felt like making them and i kept promising her when she felt better we would make them! she held me to it about 3 hours after she got home! i wish i had a pic of her cookies...that post would be titled "what happens when you give a 3 year old a giant variety pack of sprinkles" thank you for all the prayers! we sure felt them. i can't tell you what all the calls, emails and fb messages meant to me. i guess the best way to describe it is that it felt like a cozy blanket when you're cold....the comfort of knowing all those people were talking to the Father on our behalf... we thank you all and each day mm and i are saying, "thank you Jesus for making me well!" ***and a very special thanks to both of mm's grandmothers for dropping everything and driving 4 hours to be with us. and missy for keeping (or should i say spoiling?) william ALL day wednesday. we love all 3 of you! (as well as the sweet friends who offered to keep william...does that offer still stand? haha)