Tuesday, October 13, 2009

happy fall

we went with ju-ju to market day and the kitty cat fair in selma. mary martin had SO much fun. she rode cookie the pony first, and then several rides at the fair. she is usually such a scaredy-cat and she was terrified at first on the rides but ended up loving them. she calls it the kitty cat fair because last monday we saw a truck carrying one of the rides to the fair grounds. and i said, "look mary martin that's a kiddie ride going to the fair!" and later that day she said, "daddy! we saw a cadda-pidda on a tuck and it was goin' to the kitty cat fair!" so we are going to the mississippi state kitty cat fair if the weather will hold off. and i hope it does because it's all she can talk about!


Kea, Lee, and Kylie said...

wasn't market day a bust? it was my first time to go and i could not believe how bad it was. glad yall made it to the fair! cute pics!!

Konie said...

Oh!!! I wish I had known about this fair....I would have gone!!!! Thanks for the update!!!! Little William and Mary Martin are just too too cute!!!