Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a barbie bike and a pink ba-tar

when we look back at this Christmas, that will be the phrase we remember first. mary martin decided early in the fall those were the things she wanted from santa and she was committed. she never waivered on her list, so santa did manage to find both a barbie bike AND a pink ba-tar. santa's mom found the tiny bike at the brentwood, tn toys-r-us and his aunt picked it up. sometimes santa needs a little help from his fam :) santa also utilized 'google images' to find mm the perfect tiny pink ba-tar. this Christmas was also the 1st one mary martin realized who Christmas is really for. she knew that we were celebrating Jesus and that makes my heart so happy. this was also our 1st Christmas with sweet baby william! he was just a complete joy and had so much fun meeting relatives and giving sugar to everyone.

here we are at my sweet granny's house with the 1st cousins who were there. there are 5 cousins missing! i always love seeing them. and you can imagine how happy granny is to have everyone under one roof.

here's a collage of Christmas morning. mm and ww must have been really good this year.

a few shots before Christmas...cookies we made for mm's party, and enjoying the party. then william with shug. w loves to hold your face and give you big kisses. i hope he never stops.

checking out the stocking...

she loves her barbie bike and pink ba-tar

william and juju

3 generations of bookers.

somehow this is the only picture we got with my parents and brother. we were already tired from our whirlwind Christmas i guess. we realized it was much harder to take pictures with 2 children because we were both helping them open gifts, and that left no one to take pictures. we had a great time with both families and love all of our gifts and surprises :)

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Jamie said...

Deidre, it sounds like your family had a fabulous Christmas! I'm glad Mary Martin got everything she wanted from Santa. Santa is so lucky to have so many good helpers too. I couldn't figure out what a ba-tar was though, until I saw the picture. ;) Happy New Year!