Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the most wonderful time of the year

william: look daddy! i'm helping!
daddy: mmm...not so much. i have to keep climbing down off the ladder to move you. :)

these are my 2 most precious and priceless Christmas ornaments. mary martin's was done when she was 7 weeks old. she was SO tiny and weighed right at 4 pounds that day. she had been home for a few days and i went to sweet dreams to get her some more pretty preemie clothes and the lady who does the prints happened to be there. and william's was done when he was 11 days old and a jolly old 8.5 pounds :)

these are my stockings that my mom started making and had her friend finish...i saw some similar but they were $120 EACH, so we made our own. i had all 4 of our monograms put on and i love the way they turned out. now, scott, i know you are wincing at my faux garland full of glittery goodness, but don't fret, you are in charge of my Christmas decorating next year! ;)

yes, the booker-grizwolds have 4 trees this year. the dog tree is now in budders' room as it goes with his puppy decor, and b has a pink princess tree with the madame alexander ornaments and other princessy trinkets, and the kitchen is back to the auburn tree. i was going to tone down my decorating this year because we have long since outgrown our house and there just doesn't seem to be room for anything extra, but b is SOOOO wide-eyed and awestruck with all things Christmas that i just couldn't skimp. and she loves every last little thing, so it was worth it.


Hollie and Janie said...

I think everything looks fabulous! Of course, B and I love all things glittery!! I love all the trees, too!!
Next year, we can watch, I mean help, Scott decorate your house!
semi-colon capital D! (sorry! just got that joke after this week's episode!)
love you!

Blaire said...

ooooooh, pretty! What a creative idea, an Auburn tree...er, I mean, a college of choice tree.