Wednesday, March 18, 2009

happy st. patrick's day!

sweet mary martin didn't get pinched yesterday!
funny story. back in the fall mary martin's class learned the color blue and mrs. jean asked us to send a blue snack. mrs. jean also coined a nickname for mary martin early on..."Tinkerbell" So we found BLUE TINKERBELL cupcakes. How perfect, right? she absolutely loved her little tinkerbell ring, until about 2 weeks ago when it broke. she asked for it almost every day and her daddy and i finally said (after she conjured up some real tears) that we MUST find another one. so i went to wal-mart and asked if they still had the tinkerbell rings. but you guessed it, i had to buy a dozen cupcakes to get one. so now she has 12. naturally i dropped them coming in the door that's why they look so disheveled.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

what a big girl

naturally, my pictures are completely out of order. any advice on this from fellow bloggers would be appreciated.'s mary martin with her "tumpet" (actaully a saxaphone). it was her 'present' yesterday for doing ALL of her business in the potty for the first time!
playing the 'tumpet' after church...aka stalling before naptime.

this is mary martin sunday morning after waking up in her big girl bed for the first time! she slept so good! see below...

snoozing in her gigantic bed with lammy and blankets close by. her 2 blankets are named 'gankick' (rhymes with blanket except with the k sound at the end) and 'udder gancick' (other blanket)

ms. jean (her teacher at school) told me to send her some big girl panties to have on hand as soon as she was ready. i showed them to her then i walked to the kitchen and when i came back, she had put them on. ...over her pull up and pants of course. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

some news...

this is mary martin's favorite dress for 2 reasons: first it has dogs on it, and second it has "puppy dots." (polka dots). she wore it to church today. when we went in, there was snow on the ground, and when we came out, it was all gone!

eating some noodles... (noonals as she says) one of her favorite foods.

trying to pet gus.. he let her for about 2 seconds.

one of my students gave me one of the giant hershey kisses, and someone found it! i tried to break off a little piece, but no ma'am...had to have the whole thing.

in other baby news, i started my maternity leave friday. my doctor just thought it would be best given my history and the swelling i'm already having. mary martin will still go to school since she loves it and because i wouldn't technically be resting at all if she were here all day. but she will NOT be getting there at 6:45 anymore! bless her little heart, she's gonna get to sleep in a little bit and come home earlier. i've had some requests for a belly pic of me, and i hate to be this way, but i really don't want a camera anywhere near me unless i'm holding it. :) a picture is worth a thousand words, but i can sum it up in 2, i'm huge. so just take my word for it!!