Thursday, February 4, 2010

Does Cinderella know Jesus?

after watching and or listening to cinderella eleventy-billion times in the car and at home i started to think.... every time i watch, i never cease to be outraged at the unfairness and injustice heaped on that poor girl. even the cat (named lucifer which is kind of creepy i think) seems out to get her! and one time i thought, cinderella MUST know my JESUS. that is the only way she could possibly endure this. so i started thinking of scriptures to support this theory. first, Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, "you will know them by the fruit they bear." and Galations 5:13 says "The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." she shows all of those things in dealing with her wicked step-family and the animals. and when i start thinking about what she could do for revenge, i am reminded of Romans 12:14 "bless those who persecute you, bless and do not curse." and 12:17 "never pay back evil for evil to anyone" so there you go, revenge is out. romans 12 goes on to say "vengeance is mine declares the Lord." He promises that He is watching out for His children and even when bad things happen, He is NOT unaware and He is just waiting for the perfect time to swoop down like a mommy eagle and catch His baby eaglet who is too weak to fly. in cinderelly's case it was bringing her prince charming. and a father in law who happened to be a king, who i assume doted on her and his subsequent royal grandchildren. :) then i think (it's a long way to m'ville from jackson) if the wicked step-mother had just been NICE, cinderella would have probably moved her, and the sisters, into the castle and cared for them royally all the days of their lives! which brings to mind another gem from Romans 12, verse 20 "if your enemy is hungry, feed him, if he is thirsty give him a drink, for in so doing you will heap burning coals upon his head." also known as "killing them with kindness" everything i can infer about this orphan turned princess tells me that even though they treated her despicably, cinderella never forgot them. and if they were ever in need she would have provided for them. i know it seems i've given this a lot of thought...but in the words sung by the little mice, "cinderelly, cinderelly, night and day it's cinderelly." hehe


Peter Davidson said...

You have a very nice blog here! You may also appreciate the many testimonies of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at God bless.

Konie said...

Great post Deidre :)) You've journaled it so now the little ones have it :) I'd copy it off and put it in a Cinderella book:)
Wanted to let you know about an art show coming your way. A friend of mine (who insisted Ken and I meet :)) is an artist along with many many other talents! (when WE were young...if she needed an outfit for a special occasion THAT NIGHT, she'd get fabric, etc. and SEW it that day!!!) I'm sending you her blog...scroll down the blog and you'll find her announcement of the show :) Pass it along to your friends :)Hope to see you soon!!

Jack, Missy, Holden and Wilson said...

great post!! do we have a beth moore in the making?? a lot of people need to hear this......I know I am one of them! thanks for sharing d! love ya!