Saturday, February 6, 2010

real life

first of all here's hot mess in her "ballerina suit"

now here's budders after he found a giant sugar cookie shaped like a flower with red and yellow icing that his sister left on the coffee table.

below you will see a video of what life is really like at our house. i usually record the good, and show pictures of us when we're all at our cutest. but this is life. let me set the scene for you: i am in the kitchen and i hear them both crying to beat the band. (what does that phrase even mean, anyway?) i go in there and she is crying because he is apparently within a few inches of her. [shocker] and i think that, bless his heart, he just wants to be near her...but at the very last second, you will see him leaning in...he was after her mashed potatoes and chicken! poor things.....but not to worry, everyone got his and her fair share of potatoes. funny sidenote: george robert is sitting right there, you can see his legs, he said he was "letting them fight it out."