Friday, February 12, 2010

heart day

my sweet valentines in their coordinating plaid church clothes

b's party at school. every time a new parent walked in she would say, "welcome to my party!"
saying the blessing

right when they walked in i heard her say, "oh nook mrs. hedder (heather) it's beautiful!"

.......then after a long day of partying and staying for lunch bunch and hip-hop jazz, she came home, got in some comfy clothes so she could sit in the floor and open her valentines. these are the same comfy clothes she insisted on wearing in the snow last time.
happy valentine's day to all our friends and family!

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Ashley said...

oh. my. goodness! what a little princess! those are her "comfy" clothes! i love that she made a ceremony out of opening her valentines! i am still trying to get bradley to open interest! speaking of which, bradley is going to PRESCHOOL now, as of last week on tues/thurs! let's get together some M/W/F soon!