Tuesday, February 23, 2010

time flies

you know the saying time flies when you're having fun? well time also flies when you are sleep-deprived and trying to care for an infant. i wouldn't call those first few months "fun" per se, but certainly precious. william is 9 months old. before you turn around we'll be posting about his 1st birthday. he is such a handsome, sweet, curious and brave litte buddy. he says ma-ma and da-da, and i am almost positive he knows what he is saying. he's been crawling and pulling up/cruising for a few months and has the bruises and scrapes to prove it. he is developing more personality every day. here is a little collage of things he loves. of course he loves his daddy, sister and gus, but these are his "top picks" ...daddy and sister will have their day i'm sure. :)
starting from top left: little giraffe snuggly, banana cream pie pudding, bottles, learn & groove activity table {a hand-me-down from sissy}, elmo knows your name phone {also sister's but elmo didn't know double names, so now he says "hello william!"}sisters cookie puzzle, d.j. lance rock and the yo-gabba-gabba gang, and last but not least his mommy. he is just crazy about his mommy. i should probably be more humble about saying that, but at this stage in his life that's how it's supposed to be. that's not to say he doesn't love his grandparents and nursery workers, but if i'm in the room he is following me with his eyes and when i come close he'll reach out and say, "ma-ma"...talk about melting your heart.
here we are doing what we do most, playing in the floor. i must give credit to the photographer...mary martin! i think she deserves a post dedicated to her superior photography. :) we'll see.


Ashley said...

love this post!

Deidre said...

Hi, Deidre. I happened upon your blog through another blog (your name caught my attention). I realize it seems strange to post a comment since you don't know me. Our children are nearly the same ages and I'm also married to a physician (radiologist). I see that you're from Monroeville and I'm from Leroy (near Jackson, AL) but now live in Tuscaloosa. Just thought we had some interesting things in common, including our names! You have a precious family are a great blogger. I don't blog given the amount of time I'm sure it takes and fear of strangers (like me!) reading it! Deidre Bankston