Wednesday, April 28, 2010

11 months

 he is so proud of his mickey sippy cup. he had a hundred, but he wanted a big boy one like his sister's abby cadabby one he loved to steal all the time. william's new word is "hey"  while waving. it is precious. yesterday at the store he spoke to everyone in line at every register.

 "sammy wayne desoto, what is this in my fridgidaire?" that's what annelle said to her husband in steel magnolias. but i like to say it when ww gets in there. i like to quote SM whenever possible actually.

 baby woo. mary martin used to say "woo-yum" so of course being the nickname lover that i am, i added baby woo to the list- budders, baby woo, boo boo, buddy...he actually does answer to william. mary martin had a long list, too but now she is mostly b and beeber. i love how nicknames for people and pets evolve over time. gus has quite a few, too: gu-gu, gu-gu-boy, gu-gu-la (mm made up those 2, a chip off the old block ;) pupster, pupchuck, gusser
mary martin's new favorite lunch- peanut butter right out of the jar. i promise if i have you over for lunch, i won't offer you peanut butter :) i've tried sandwiches, bagels...she just licks the peanut butter off. gus did not mind this arrangement at all.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

counting down

well, the countdown is on for our big move. we have sold our house here and bought a house in birmingham. we have known about this move for a long time and have been excited for many reasons- closer to family, done with residency...but now that it's here i can't really explain it, i'm nervous and sad but still's just bittersweet. so we are just trying to enjoy our last few weeks in our first little home. i can't really even think about the friends that i'll miss and the ones i wish i had gotten to know sooner and better. they know who they are :) you know, it's like the day i go get a haircut. for weeks leading up to it, my hair has looked bad. then the day of the haircut, my hair looks like a pantene commercial and i think i should leave it alone. well, it's kind of like that...we were ready to move move move and it couldn't get here soon enough and now i just want to freeze time for a little while. but one excting thing is that our house needs some updating and that will give my many three blog readers some good before and after posts!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010


this was a very special easter for several reasons. it was william's 1st easter, and we had visits from juju, dede and shug, so we had a great weekend. this will be our last easter here in mississippi. we LOVE our church here, and sunday's service did not disappoint. they brought down huge banners with various names of Jesus- Messiah, Rose of Sharon, Lion of Judah, Bread of Life, Morning Star, The True Vine, Root of David, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. woo, i get chills just typing it. :)