Saturday, May 8, 2010

a quick update

remember the people who bought our house on april 1st? well, their financing fell through and it's not looking good that they will be able to buy a house at all. and since we were hemmed up with them all through april, we didn't show our house and now the 1st time home-buyer credit has expired, so it looks pretty bad all the way around. i don't know what that will mean for us and our house in birmingham. our contract is contingent on the sale of this house and the house we bought had been listed for over a year, so i feel like it will still be there. like i said before, it needs a little "lipstick and rouge" and not just everyone can see past all that. but i have gotten really excited about the house and i am nervous that someone else may come in and see the potential, too.  i know this is all wood, hay, and stubble and has no eternal significance. i have an acquaintance from college who is a young mom, and she is battling cancer, so i feel silly even blogging about this house nonsense. but yesterday i saw several friends and it was hard to stay cheerful after a few "how's it going?" "when are y'all moving?" so in case any of those friends read this, that's why i may have seemed a little gloomy. i am just praying that God's perfect will for us be done. "now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine through his power that is at work within us, to HIM be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever." ephesians 3:20 {this is the most recent scripture that ive memorized, and i love it, it's an awesome one to meditate on}


Anne Wimberly said...

that stinks - I'll pray for the right buyers to show up on your doorsteps soon. Nothing is as frustrating as thinking something is done and it unravels between your fingertips. Chin up - the right buyer is out there!

Catherine said...

HA! I'm JUST now reading this and was asking you all about moving at H's party! So sorry! But, everything will work out and you're right. Everything happens for a reason...... I will be thinking about y'all. Our Birmingham house is now on the market so look at it this way...if your homewood house falls through, you can buy ours! ha ha!!

Ashley said...

that is such a bummer! what a disappointment. so sorry that happened. it stinks to fall in love with a house and start picturing your family there, then having to let it go. hopefully you won't have to.