Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the dog party

my friend emily at 29:11 creations made this precious invitation

william's puppy outfit was smocked 27 years ago and was in a jumper that i wore. we took it out and put it in a jon-jon for budders
the blue candy buffet :)

(click to enlarge) a few highlights: my friend hollie, pictured with me, made the cookies, and i believe she ships if you are not in bham. a friend from high school, sarah, made the cakes-precious.  my brother helped me set up, how did he dodge all the pictures?! he also had just come from a southern living shoot and brought the big arragement of hydrangeas. and i made most of the decorations. my favorites were the paper chandeliers which you can barely see. the menu included: hot dogs, chips and dip, marinated black bean salsa, dog-gone good baked beans, the pupcake, puppy chow (the peanut butter/chocolate kind, not real ;) and the blue candy buffet! it was a lovely party and we all had fun!


Jamie said...

Everything looks so fantastic! I follow Hollie's blog because I am obsessed with Janie. I had seen her airedale terrier cookies. These turned out so cute too. I'll have to get her to make some wheaten cookies for Charlie and Riley's next party. Looks like William had a terrific first birthday. I love how you used the smocking from one of your old jumpers to make an outfit for him. So clever!

Charles, Allison and Elsie Boo said...

Gorgeous hydrageas, adorable cookies (and I have the same Annie Glass platter!), and I love the chadelier! What a cute little party! Wish I could have come. :(

Kea, Lee, and Kylie said...

very cute!! loved that he was able to wear your smocking plate, that is so sweet! happy birthday william!

Jack, Missy, Holden and Wilson said...

FANTASTIC party as always!! As we were looking at these pictures, Holden kept saying a dog, a dog, aww, cookie, a dog, aww! So, I think its safe to say that he really hates we missed the party!! Hope to see y'all soon!!!