Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of july fun

guess who is not one bit scared of the pool? guess who doesn't want to be held in the pool? guess who wants you to just let him go so he can paddle around all by his precious chubby self?
guess who is scared of the pool? guess who won't get of of her hilarious donkey float? guess who wasted $200 on swimming lessons :)
we had a fun 4th of july at the farm in orrville. juju and papa have a pool at their farm so we have plenty of fun there during summer! we had YUMMY ribs and a birthday cake for jo-mama, homemade peach ice cream- none of which i made, but enjoyed all of it.
what a difference a year makes. life is defintely more fun with 2, and especially now that budders is one. i love one, its the best. actually from about 7 months to 19 months is the sweetest and most fun. because they're old enough to enjoy things but not old enough to argue! ha! 3 is fun don't get me wrong, there's just something about those wee ones learning and seeing everything for the 1st precious.


Catherine said...

ok, that first picture is too cute. he is precious and looks JUST like you! :)

Natalie said...

So precious!! I agree with the three business - I'm praying 4 will be a bit better. Tatum will be 1 soon....can't wait life will be alittle bit easier. Hope everything is going great for you.