Wednesday, August 18, 2010

busy b (and budders)

 budders found a new place to hide things. he's such a little squirrel.
 we strolled to the ice cream shop after nap on monday

 we went to the beautiful wedding of dear friends..
                                             and b started ballet!

                                                              but tap was her favorite



Danielle said...

deidra- just wanted you to know i love all of your little updates. i'm such a fan! hope y'all are enjoying bham, it's such a great place. but then again, my opinion is that everything is better in bama!

Konie said... looks like Mary Martin is following in the footsteps of Jenna and Jess AT THE SAME STUDIO...from what I can tell. HOPE it's BDT:) Thought I might have recognized Joni:)
You all looked GORGEOUS Sat. night and thank you so much for sharing in such a fun and joyous time! Again next week too~!:)