Monday, August 9, 2010

the last 601 and a little 205

here is our little family photo right before driving
mary martin and i like to find a good song on youtube and dance
she asked to make pictures of me dancing, too, but bet your bottom dollar those will not grace the interweb :)
it's official! he will hate that i posted this, but we are all SO proud of him.
he's been very busy but still makes time for this. she's very persuasive. dads, and i know tons of you dads will be reading this, this is what it's all about with raising a girl- quality time and telling her she's beautiful every day!
mary martin and anna cate...i've mentioned before, her mom alison and i grew up together and they live 5 doors down. these 2 are bff. they are learning to share and play constructively and work out their little differences. (giving in to let your friend be snow white when you wanted to be snow white is a BIG deal when you're 3!)


Konie said...

I'll be the first to say I LOVE the new SOUTHLAKE ORTHOPEDICS sign!!!! My late hubby's baby!!! Don't you know he is smiling bigger than life right now!!!! GR...did you ever think so many years ago that you would be walking in Bill's footsteps! Thank you Lord:)) Love you and we are so proud of all your family!!
mrs. konie

Ashley said...

hey, i think you have definitely earned a little sign picture! congrats!!! i see a twinkling of light at the end of the tunnel, but i still can't imagine that "sign day" is coming up soon!

and, i think it is hilarious how robert kept his cap on under the crown...makes the dad princess look very appropriately masculine.