Tuesday, August 3, 2010

our new town

well first here's one last pic from our old town. we went to dinner with dear friends before we all moved away.
william loves to play with the swiffer, so i've decided to take advantage of this and keep a cloth on there at all times. notice our ginormous tv...it scarcely fits on the cabinet, but boy do we love seeing everything larger than life. (quite literally). oh and yes, new house, new state, same toy-strewn living area. despite having a playroom...
we went to a birthday party where mm had her face painted by cinderella
and mary martin has been playing with her friend anna cate
and william tuckered out from our "adbenture" and fell asleep on the way home. these are all pictures from my phone, as i lost my camera cord in the move..
we are adjusting to a new home...moving is hard. even when you have some friends and family in town, it's still like starting over in many ways. plus being in a rental makes it feel very 'temporary' and we still refer to our old house as "home." the children will start their new preschool next week and we are excited about that, and george robert started work on monday and it is going well. after 13 years of higher learning i guess we are all glad he is enjoying it!

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rachelmommy said...

Moving is hard!!! I am glad yall have family and friends there to support yall. Your family is so precious!