Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a birdy birthday

emily made our PRECIOUS invitation. (29:11.blogspot.com)
our party favors: a birdy whistle, gummy worms and a snack for the birdies
our gorgeous cake by pastry arts, and our almost too-cute-to-eat cookies by hollie

the candy table...i made the birdy garland and the canvas
for a 'craft' we decorated milk carton bird houses

william had more fun than anyone...he had no trouble making uncle scott walk around with him :)

mary martin wanted a "birdy" party. she had wanted cinderella for the longest time..then in early august i told her she had to tell me for sure because it was time to start ordering and planning..and she said, no i don't want cinderella, i want a "hummingbird" party. i was thrilled with this change because birds are everywhere right now (she has no idea that they're trendy, she just likes actual birds) we all had a great time and she LOVED her birdy party.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

mm goes to the plains

we had to take a picture in front of samford hall AND mary martin hall
in front of jordan hare
standing between number 48's parents, the paramores. they had a great spot at tiger walk and let her squeeze in since it was her 1st game. he stopped to give his mom and dad a hug. they were SO proud of him at his 1st tiger walk, and he was SO excited to see them among the sea of thousands of screaming fans that it literally made me cry.
cheering at the game with mrs. konie :) this family is precious to all of us. in other exciting bryant news, jarod and elena have asked mary martin to be their flower girl in december! we could not be more excited.
we made it to halftime then we left. but it was a great day.

Friday, September 3, 2010

she loves the statue

mary martin has been fascinated with "bulkin" (vulcan for you non-alabamians) since we moved. she loves to talk about it every day when she sees it. what is he holding? what's his story? why is he wearing sandals? she hasn't noticed yet that his "skirt" doesn't cover his hiney... we took the elevator to the top (i was the only scared one) and took a quick picture then came down. then we toured through the little museum and got a mini bulkin to bring home.