Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a birdy birthday

emily made our PRECIOUS invitation. (29:11.blogspot.com)
our party favors: a birdy whistle, gummy worms and a snack for the birdies
our gorgeous cake by pastry arts, and our almost too-cute-to-eat cookies by hollie

the candy table...i made the birdy garland and the canvas
for a 'craft' we decorated milk carton bird houses

william had more fun than anyone...he had no trouble making uncle scott walk around with him :)

mary martin wanted a "birdy" party. she had wanted cinderella for the longest time..then in early august i told her she had to tell me for sure because it was time to start ordering and planning..and she said, no i don't want cinderella, i want a "hummingbird" party. i was thrilled with this change because birds are everywhere right now (she has no idea that they're trendy, she just likes actual birds) we all had a great time and she LOVED her birdy party.


Jamie said...

Yay! It looks like Mary Martin's birdy party was a huge success. No surprise, everything looked adorable. I loved her birdy shirt too!

Catherine said...

Loved this! So cute! love the bird theme. :)

Witcher Family said...

Precious of course!!
Thanks for the shout out on the invites but you definitely have great ideas to work with:)