Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas card photo shoot

 merry Christmas, look at our feet? come on kids, be cute!
 mary martin, show some tooth! william, waaaaay too much tooth. dude, how many teeth do you have?
 cut it out kids. not so silly.
i skipped the 20 or so pictures where NO ONE is smiling after i told them not to be silly. the whole operation was about to dissolve into a tear-filled mess, and we got this angelic little shot. awwww. happy Christmas to all our friends and families. thank you dear Jesus for making yourself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant being made in human likeness. (phil 2:7) so that you could one day take on the cross and pay the price for my sin. i am SO thankful that after the manger and the cross and the temporary grave that  "God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord- to the glory of God the Father. (phil 2:9-11) hey, speaking of cheering for the winning team (re: my previous post about auburn)...God's team is the only one i should be that excited about and cheer for. His team is the only truly important thing i will ever be involved in. i just wanted to exalt HIM for a minute because i love Him and after all it's HIS birthday :)

goin' to the chapel

 here's mary martin the buckwild flowergirl
 i wish this picture was better! this bride and her bridesmaids were all GORGEOUS. i wish i could say the b behaved during the ceremony, but she did not. thanks to jessica, sister of the groom, for wrangling her the best she could. when mm saw that her daddy and i weren't smiling at her anymore, she blew us a kiss, the stinker. :)
 here we are sunday after church..mary martin wore this ensemble to the rehearsal. this is another one of my dresses that my mom made and saved. it has Christmas trees embroidered in white on the collar. it now also has both of our names embroidered on it, and hopefully her little girl's name will be on it someday, too. william didn't attend any of the festivities, he's just eye candy. :) when i say i kiss him 10,000 times a day, i am not exaggerating. if she'd let me i'd kiss on her that much too. but she rations them nowadays.

b at the rehearsal dinner. it was a great wedding weekend full of friends and happiness. i hope to get more pictures to share. especially one of mm kissing jarod (the groom) on the cheek all decked out in his dress a man in uniform :) i hope they don't regret their flowergirl choice after they see the wedding video.

b's program

 they all said in unison "Jesus is the light of the world." st. john 8:12

her class sang 3 songs, and she leaned on the rail for most of them. foreshadowing of how she would behave at the wedding in which she was the flowergirl 3 days later. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Old McFun

 i have no trouble getting cute pictures of each child individually, but together...ugh.
 at ballet, the parents got to come in and observe class as they danced to Christmas songs! even mary martin's favorite...jingle bells.
 you know, jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. old mcfun it is to ride on a one horse open sleigh. :)
 after the parade. they LOOOOOVED the parade.
 william's Chrstmas party...screaming because i came in and didn't pick him up immediately.
 mm's party...all smiles.
visiting santa! she told him exactly what she wanted: a barbie mariposa dress, a barbie "dancing ball" dress (ballroom dancer) and a flower bracelet. we had to mail him the addendum to the list: barbie mariposa shoes, rainbow beads and a purple unicorn pillow pet. she also told him that william wanted a train table.

we'll be home for Christmas

 i wish i'd taken this picture a week ago when my paper whites weren't droopy :) this the view into the family room, where we have our artificial tree and our stockings.
 our live tree in the front room, and our "live" garland made by my brother!
he also made this boxwood is gorgeous in person. it has these navy blue berries in it...i love it! we are so thankful to finally be in our permanent home! no more boxes. in plenty of time for Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

winning is fun

i don't really like to do "wordy" blog posts very often. i like to stick with pictures because i figure no one really cares what i have to say. but as any alabama fan can tell you, it's fun when your team wins! we've had a ball watching each game this season and cheering for our team. my husband and i both attended auburn and we love it. not just the football team, either. end of story. we love the university, the town, the atmosphere, everything about it. but with winning, comes all "this other stuff" and i'm not here to talk about the alleged controversy. actually i'm not sure if it's winning that brought out all the ugliness or its  always been there? i'm talking about how many comments on facebook that people actually type "i hate auburn," or something similar- or say it out loud. why do they hate auburn? have they ever been there? did they attend the university? i can understand not liking a particular coach (ole miss had a reason to have a beef with tubby a few years back) even a player or two, but to just come out and say i hate auburn, or auburn is ___(whatever negative word)... that hurts my feelings and i take it personally. because i went there. i spent 4 of the best years of my life there, and our football team wasn't that great when i was there, but i love 'em when we win and i love 'em when we lose. that is what being a real fan means. you don't just cheer loud when you're winning- any redneck can do that. you cheer your heart out when you're losing, you don't dare leave the stadium, and you stand there and shake that shaker after the time has run out and the scoreboard does not read in your favor. you yell "it's great to be an auburn tiger" because you want your boys to hear it. and because you mean it.

here i am with one of my dearest friends in the world at samford hall. we lived closeby and went on daily walks up to college street past toomer's corner and samford hall. it's so pretty.
here i am with my daddy at the auburn sign on the day i graduated.
and here i am with some of my sorority sisters at the first game of the season my junior year. they all look so pretty, and i look gross, but i love the picture anyway. so when someone says i hate auburn, i take it to heart. because i AM auburn, along with every other person who bleeds orange and blue...."i believe in auburn and love it" war eagle, friends.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

she loves him.

they love to watch veggie tales on my laptop (yay for netflix!). he's more excited that she allowed him to get on her bed with her!

juju got them these precious scarecrow outfits. notice william is eating one of hollie's pumpkin cookies. he LOVES hollie's cookies!
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Friday, December 3, 2010

thanksgiving for 2 turkeys

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good green fun

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blog trouble

i've had trouble uploading photos lately. i've tried 4 or 5 times to post about our recent fun and adventures. when i cllick upload it says server rejected. any ideas? i have tractor pictures, thanksgiving, and new house photos to post! update, i did try to go around blogger, thru picasa with their "blog this" button, and it seems to be working but you can only post 4 pics or a collage. so i still need some help if anyone knows what to do!