Thursday, December 23, 2010

goin' to the chapel

 here's mary martin the buckwild flowergirl
 i wish this picture was better! this bride and her bridesmaids were all GORGEOUS. i wish i could say the b behaved during the ceremony, but she did not. thanks to jessica, sister of the groom, for wrangling her the best she could. when mm saw that her daddy and i weren't smiling at her anymore, she blew us a kiss, the stinker. :)
 here we are sunday after church..mary martin wore this ensemble to the rehearsal. this is another one of my dresses that my mom made and saved. it has Christmas trees embroidered in white on the collar. it now also has both of our names embroidered on it, and hopefully her little girl's name will be on it someday, too. william didn't attend any of the festivities, he's just eye candy. :) when i say i kiss him 10,000 times a day, i am not exaggerating. if she'd let me i'd kiss on her that much too. but she rations them nowadays.

b at the rehearsal dinner. it was a great wedding weekend full of friends and happiness. i hope to get more pictures to share. especially one of mm kissing jarod (the groom) on the cheek all decked out in his dress a man in uniform :) i hope they don't regret their flowergirl choice after they see the wedding video.


Just call me D said...

ha! you make me laugh. i love her dresses- so beautiful, and what priceless treasures!
and, i have learned since becoming a parent not to judge parents by the way their kids act in public- especially when they're on a stage. or really anywhere. you just never know friend what they'll od!

Just call me D said...

umm, do!

Konie said...

hahahaha:) We were THRILLED to have MM as FLOWERGIRL!!! I thought she did GREAT!!!:)) To me, flower girls and ring bearers are ALLOWED to have a little fun:))))Love ya'll!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!