Monday, December 13, 2010

winning is fun

i don't really like to do "wordy" blog posts very often. i like to stick with pictures because i figure no one really cares what i have to say. but as any alabama fan can tell you, it's fun when your team wins! we've had a ball watching each game this season and cheering for our team. my husband and i both attended auburn and we love it. not just the football team, either. end of story. we love the university, the town, the atmosphere, everything about it. but with winning, comes all "this other stuff" and i'm not here to talk about the alleged controversy. actually i'm not sure if it's winning that brought out all the ugliness or its  always been there? i'm talking about how many comments on facebook that people actually type "i hate auburn," or something similar- or say it out loud. why do they hate auburn? have they ever been there? did they attend the university? i can understand not liking a particular coach (ole miss had a reason to have a beef with tubby a few years back) even a player or two, but to just come out and say i hate auburn, or auburn is ___(whatever negative word)... that hurts my feelings and i take it personally. because i went there. i spent 4 of the best years of my life there, and our football team wasn't that great when i was there, but i love 'em when we win and i love 'em when we lose. that is what being a real fan means. you don't just cheer loud when you're winning- any redneck can do that. you cheer your heart out when you're losing, you don't dare leave the stadium, and you stand there and shake that shaker after the time has run out and the scoreboard does not read in your favor. you yell "it's great to be an auburn tiger" because you want your boys to hear it. and because you mean it.

here i am with one of my dearest friends in the world at samford hall. we lived closeby and went on daily walks up to college street past toomer's corner and samford hall. it's so pretty.
here i am with my daddy at the auburn sign on the day i graduated.
and here i am with some of my sorority sisters at the first game of the season my junior year. they all look so pretty, and i look gross, but i love the picture anyway. so when someone says i hate auburn, i take it to heart. because i AM auburn, along with every other person who bleeds orange and blue...."i believe in auburn and love it" war eagle, friends.
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Shannon said...

well said my friend! War Eagle.

Konie said...

I read EVERY word:) Way to go Deidre!!!

Danielle said...

friend, i could've written every word you just wrote- EXCEPT for i would have written Alabama. (raised in tuscaloosa, alabama grad :) it's a part of me and defines a lot about who i am- and i totally get what you're saying!
it is silly the way people act and i've had to just delete some folks on fb because they were so ugly. one girl even wrote me a year later to ask for my forgiveness because she knew she'd hurt my feelings. (keith said i take football to seriously but she was really ugly!)
there's a difference in a fun rivalry and being just downright mean. me and ashley- just don't get us started on this topic :)
and while i'm a bama girl through and through i ALWAYS support my home state and the SEC, so i'll be cheering y'all on. except i just won't able to say war eagle. i'm sure you can understand!