Saturday, March 27, 2010

hippity hoppity

where is mary martin you ask? she is standing beside me trying to make william smile. she told me no less than 93 times that she didn't want to have her picture made with the easter bunny. so we just let mr. handsome boy do it all by himself. have i mentioned lately how much i adore this little boy? he is...well words escape me. i really was worried that i could never love another baby as much as i love the b, but i SO do. can you even stand these fat wittle wegs?

Monday, March 15, 2010

the best story i ever heard

by mary martin booker
"there once was a princess and her name was my mama. and she had a little girl named me."
...sounds like a fairy tale to me. :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


mary martin woke up from her nap a couple of tuesdays ago and said, mommy i need mermaid cwose so i can go mermaidin' in play mermaid, everything is a verb. for example if she dresses like a princess, she is princessing, or makes a tent she is camp outing. and when she saw a man in a cowboy hat at the store, she asked me why that man was cowboyin' at walmart. :)
she was so proud of her mermaid cwose. she is pulling my old trick, standing in front of the oven to see herself. then she started saying she wanted to go to the ocean. i told her we didn't have one. so she said, the sea would do, or a river.

from glee to despair in 3 minutes flat. this is her face upon learning that we would not be getting in an actual body of water. and she has not been mermaidin' since. meanwhile on this target trip mm, ever the benevolent one, said that william needed a toy. so he got a dale junior matchbox car on the clearance shelf for $2.17, and they both have played with it every day....go figure.