Sunday, July 18, 2010

what i'll miss...

i will miss "mississippi"-mary martin loves to play on this storm drain. she asked me one day when she was 2ish, what those words said, and i told her "mississippi" so from then on, our house was mississippi.
i will miss good ole blackthorne...i will NOT miss having to spell you EVERY time i place an order or give directions. "one word, with an e on the end..."
i will miss my confederate jasmine which was my brother's idea..but i drew the design and g.r. did the nails and wire. then i planted only 3 little jasmines (at $5 each!) and in a year, it was all filled in. from march-late june it flowers and smells dee-vine {fun fact: jasmine flowers, then grows. i.e. no need to trim while it's flowering, then when it's done flowering it grows, and grows! but i enjoy fiddlin' with it, so i don't mind. g.r. does too kinda.
i will miss my little hummingbird who comes by for a petunia aperitif every day around 4:30. he's on the far side, i never could get a pic with his tiny little self on my side
here are my 2 little b's, making sure all their little belongings are safely packed on the uhaul. george robert said packing it would be like playing tetris. good for him i rock at tetris. {who am i kidding, he could beat me at tetris blind-folded} i will update soon from our new, and temporary (but precious) home. still waiting for a sale here. but we have a GREAT rental in the meantime, and it's 5 houses down from one of my all time bff's from monroeville.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of july fun

guess who is not one bit scared of the pool? guess who doesn't want to be held in the pool? guess who wants you to just let him go so he can paddle around all by his precious chubby self?
guess who is scared of the pool? guess who won't get of of her hilarious donkey float? guess who wasted $200 on swimming lessons :)
we had a fun 4th of july at the farm in orrville. juju and papa have a pool at their farm so we have plenty of fun there during summer! we had YUMMY ribs and a birthday cake for jo-mama, homemade peach ice cream- none of which i made, but enjoyed all of it.
what a difference a year makes. life is defintely more fun with 2, and especially now that budders is one. i love one, its the best. actually from about 7 months to 19 months is the sweetest and most fun. because they're old enough to enjoy things but not old enough to argue! ha! 3 is fun don't get me wrong, there's just something about those wee ones learning and seeing everything for the 1st precious.