Saturday, August 21, 2010

a lesson know when babies reach that stage and people say, "they're into everything?" and they say it like it's funny. it may be funny after you've gotten some distance on it, but in the midst of having a baby who is into everything it can be trying at times. especially when you pick up the SAME toys 15 times. and you pick up the SAME garbage 15 times because your kid keeps pulling it out of the trash can. i am constantly spinning my wheels, i can't get new tasks done because i keep repeating the same old ones. {i will interject here that now that i stay at home i feel like a failure if i don't keep a clean house. no one puts this pressure on me but myself, but i feel like it's my job and i'm a loser if i don't do it,,,and i never do!}
this brings me to the lesson...
today i was just thinking about how i keep having to go back to square one time and time again in the same day. and the Lord spoke to me as clear as i've ever heard him. he said, you know how you keep picking up those toys, that garbage, etc...and every time he pulls it out you just pick it up and keep on going. you never think about NOT picking it up or not loving william anymore do you? me: of course not, i'll just keep picking up after him and love the little stinker anyway. God: that's what i do for you every day too. you keep sinning (in my attitude, the way i handle things, speak to my family, fail to extend grace- pulling out the same old garbage!) and i  keep picking up after you, forgiving you...tidying up the sin-strewn living room floor of your heart. and i'll just keep on doing it until you get it right. whoa. it stopped me in my tracks! i marvel at the way God, infinitely wise, can use the thorn in my side to parallel His love for me. now it doesn't seem like a thorn at all. now as i pick up after that sweet baby i'll be reminded that i'm forgiven and my slate is wiped clean. that He is refining me like silver so that somewhere, sometime He'll be able to see a glimpse of his reflection in me.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

busy b (and budders)

 budders found a new place to hide things. he's such a little squirrel.
 we strolled to the ice cream shop after nap on monday

 we went to the beautiful wedding of dear friends..
                                             and b started ballet!

                                                              but tap was her favorite


Thursday, August 12, 2010

preschool time!

1st day photo- take 1. uh-oh too sunny...
take 2 on the back porch. oh wait mary martin you're not more.
good smile mm, william...where ya goin' buddy?...oh well, i tried.  they both seemed to have a great 1st day. they are both going m-w-f, 9-1...i think it will be great for all 3 of us. i'm thinking of attending a bible study on wed. mornings and i'm going to a pure barre class tomorrow...other than that i'll be using that time to go places that i can't go with mary martin and the tazmanian devil william. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

the last 601 and a little 205

here is our little family photo right before driving
mary martin and i like to find a good song on youtube and dance
she asked to make pictures of me dancing, too, but bet your bottom dollar those will not grace the interweb :)
it's official! he will hate that i posted this, but we are all SO proud of him.
he's been very busy but still makes time for this. she's very persuasive. dads, and i know tons of you dads will be reading this, this is what it's all about with raising a girl- quality time and telling her she's beautiful every day!
mary martin and anna cate...i've mentioned before, her mom alison and i grew up together and they live 5 doors down. these 2 are bff. they are learning to share and play constructively and work out their little differences. (giving in to let your friend be snow white when you wanted to be snow white is a BIG deal when you're 3!)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

our new town

well first here's one last pic from our old town. we went to dinner with dear friends before we all moved away.
william loves to play with the swiffer, so i've decided to take advantage of this and keep a cloth on there at all times. notice our ginormous scarcely fits on the cabinet, but boy do we love seeing everything larger than life. (quite literally). oh and yes, new house, new state, same toy-strewn living area. despite having a playroom...
we went to a birthday party where mm had her face painted by cinderella
and mary martin has been playing with her friend anna cate
and william tuckered out from our "adbenture" and fell asleep on the way home. these are all pictures from my phone, as i lost my camera cord in the move..
we are adjusting to a new home...moving is hard. even when you have some friends and family in town, it's still like starting over in many ways. plus being in a rental makes it feel very 'temporary' and we still refer to our old house as "home." the children will start their new preschool next week and we are excited about that, and george robert started work on monday and it is going well. after 13 years of higher learning i guess we are all glad he is enjoying it!