Saturday, January 22, 2011

a different kind of winter wonder

 we wanted to go to glendale SOOO bad, but for one reason or another it was going to end up costing us way more than we were willing to spend, especially with a new house. so we decided to just have friends over and make the best of it.
 william and i are ready for the big duck hunt! george robert said he was going to wear his duck hunting clothes since we were playing the ducks...i thought that sounded pretty cute, but i forgot that included the holey green sweat pants.
 we had a variety of duck at our "tailgate" (grilled, fried, kebab)
 we had tons of food and cute auburn cupcakes along with brownie trifle.
george robert put on mm's head band to make her laugh and then auburn scored, so he wouldn't take it off! then our power went out with 10 seconds left on the clock due to the snow and ice. we were horrified! then we all ran outside and turned the car radios on and heard "the kick is up, and it is good! auburn wins the national championship!!!"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a few thoughts

i heard this today and it impacted me so much that i went online and listened again and backed it up until i had written word for word the parts i wanted to keep forever. this is from a sermon by alistair begg on the role of women. this is from part b.
"there is no greater task, or responsibility, or privilege offered in the whole world than to make a home."

and here's my favorite: "there is no greater accolade than to be the one who lived your life with a discipleship group consisting of the youngsters in your home."  what a neat way to think about the home and the daily routine.

"many a person who has set their mark on the world has been enabled to do so as a result of the homelife from which they emerged."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

winter wonder

 this was the scene from our bedroom window for several days

we've finally de-iced and no one broke a limb on our front porch steps. although i came VERY close. and as i was "almost" falling the thing that ran through my mind was, "i hope my neighbor isn't sitting in her sunroom to see this"

Saturday, January 8, 2011


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mary martin and i made cookies for santa. we had so much fun, she's really into helping these days. i had SOOO much help taking down all the decorations.
 click to enlarge. above is Christmas Eve fun with our families. william got a tractor from juju and papa
 Christmas Day! william loves his train table and mm loves her dress up clothes
 here we are playing in the "snow" on Christmas day.
william would stay on this thing all day every day if we'd let him. we hope every one had a merry Christmas and we wish you a happy and healthy new year!!